Monday, April 26, 2010

// .....

Your name is always hanging around in my mind
I was always blind to see your true feelings behind
My open, coffee eyes
I can see it through the lies

I can't forget it
I can't quit
Falling in love
I want to scream (!)

And now,
There you are trapped in my mind
My heart can't stop beating every time I see you
I can't breathe
I don't want to breathe

I want to forget you
I want to start my new life
All along without your name on my brain
I want to forget
I want to forget you (!)

You just need to be gone
Just six more months left
You will be gone, my love
Slowly, I will forget you
I hope so

It's okay not to remember me after You are gone
It's okay


Don't you understand about how I feel this way?
I waited for you for one year, but it's okay
It's disappearing
I still hate it

p/s: How can I do? Your name is always hanging around in my mind!

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